We All Come from Somewhere

I come from Florida.
Born and raised in sunny (and rainy – don’t let the media fool you) Miami, I developed a love for writing and music in middle school that has largely shaped my life. It’s little surprise that I came to write for The Miami Herald and Miami New Times by the time I finished college, or that I would eventually run sound systems for national touring acts and high-profile conventions.
It was during my days at Florida International University that I began my career as a freelance writer and photographer. I established Great Music Never Stops, a blog focused on live music in the area. The blog attracted the attention of The Miami Herald and Miami New Times, both of whom I worked for on a freelance basis until graduation. Currently, I regularly contribute to Compose Yourself Magazine.
As a musician with technical knowledge of audio recording and sound reinforcement, I quickly found myself behind the mixer. Now, I operate large mixing boards and speaker arrays for shows, concerts and conventions at venues ranging from small bars and clubs to convention centers and stadiums.
You can see my past audio clients on my Experience page.

I know my stuff and have earned my stripes as an engineer, and it would be a pleasure to share my experience with you through writing.

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