Patchbays Explained: Integration into the Home Studio

20191219_191837A patchbay is a signal flow management device that allows us to reroute signals with a couple quick moves. This week, we examine how to integrate one into your budding home studio…

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There is Hope: Electric Forest 2019 Sold Out – But There’s Still a Way In

ef19Electric Forest, a titan among the music and arts festivals sprinkling across the American Summer, sold out in a mere four hours on December 7. The collective groan of latecomers was almost audible as I read the press release…

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A Fest is Born: Introducing Waterloo Music Festival [Review]


The sun beamed down on a line of cars sitting on a dirt
road just outside of Austin, Texas. The people were arriving at Carson Creek Ranch in droves for what was shaping up to be a memorable weekend. Waterloo Music Festival, first of its name, was offering some of the best local and national musical acts around. And everybody wanted a piece of Cheese…
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The Birth of the ‘Loo: Waterloo Music Festival in Austin Coming Right Up [Preview]


It’s mid-August. It’s perhaps not quite as hot outside as it was a few weeks ago. Pool parties are winding down, back to school sales are cropping up…

NO BUT WAIT – IT’S STILL SUMMER FESTIVAL SEASON!! And the folks up in Austin are throwing a big one to close out the scorching Texas summer…

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The Search for Everything: John Mayer at the AT&T Center – San Antonio, TX [Review]

2017johnmayerattctr-14-600x400 When John Mayer brought his The Search for Everything tour through San Antonio, San Antonio responded. Long lines of devoted fans filed into the arena, packing the AT&T Center like a Spurs playoff game…

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Sounds from the Aztec Hi-Fi: Thievery Corporation at The Aztec Theater [Review]

2017thieverycorp@aztec-14-768x512Genre-blending is not an uncommon practice anymore. It’s not so out there these days to hear about electronic-rap-metal or indie-folk-punk. The yardstick is quality, and when it comes to quality, few reach the level of Thievery Corporation – a production duo from Washington DC that has been happily smelting vibes from all corners of the world since the mid-nineties. So, when the Aztec Theatre announced a night of Thievery – hot on the heels of electronic pioneer Bonobo – many in San Antonio were beside themselves…

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Getting Stoopid on the River: Slightly Stoopid Brings Sound of Summer Tour to Whitewater Amphitheater [Review]


…It was a special night— Slightly Stoopid and their friends were taking over the grounds with their Sounds of Summer tour, a bass-heavy traveling vibe-fest cloaked in smoke and grooves. Already the show was underway – even before my windows came down, I could hear the massive array of subs beneath the stage blasting air for J Boog off to my left…

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What is Dead May Never Die: Dead and Company Fall Tour – Austin, TX [Review]


I waited drinking coffee at Barnes and Noble for what felt like an eternity. Jason was moving as fast as he could, having gotten out of work a short while ago. I can imagine him careening down the highway in his old blue minivan, cutting off drivers and scaring old ladies.

If ever there was a time for bending the traffic laws, this was it. Dead & Company – a most unreal Dead band featuring godfathers Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart; in the company of John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti – were playing two sets at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin…

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Organic Machines: Bonobo at The Aztec Theater [Review]

2017bonobo@aztec-18-768x512 San Antonio isn’t the most electronic music-oriented city in the States. In a city defined by rodeos, country music dance halls, and a sports team named after a boot accessory, you would be hard pressed to find an electronic anything here – unless there was a guitar connected…

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Wanee Music Festival – Day 1 [Review]

waneeday1cover-1024x693As the last of the tents were being rolled up and stowed away and the last of the cars were bumping along the dirt roads on the way to the park exit, my crew and I sat around a miniature propane burner boiling hotdogs in a tiny, dirty pot filled with cheap beer. Not much was said. Not much had to be said. As some of the last stragglers in the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park the day after the music ended, we can say this: we Wanee’d. And we Wanee’d well…

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Furthur at Mizner Park Amphitheater [Review]


At 7:30 p.m. it was virtually impossible to find a place to park by Mizner Park Amphitheatre. All you could find as you drove in circles and pulled into side streets were tie-dyes, beards and colorful flowing skirts flocking in one direction.

Furthur, Bob Weir’s and Phil Lesh’s most current Grateful Dead project, was moments from taking the stage for the first of two sets. The concert was sold out, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from setting up camp beyond the amphitheatre entrance at Mizner Park…

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Primus and The Dead Kenny G’s at The Fillmore, Miami Beach


Primus is a strange thing. And the crowd that this Cali threesome drew to the Fillmore Miami Beach was strange too. Some were metalheads with straight hair, black pants, and Lamb of God shirts. Others were crunchy hippies in Grateful Dead tie-dyes and shorts.

They looked like they’d come for completely different shows, yet somehow it was still possible to tell they were there for Primus. Maybe it was the brazen drinking out in the parking lots and on the sidewalks. Maybe it was the funny look in their eyes…

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